Never a Dull Moment – Rep. Jim Harrison (R-Killington, Mendon)

It’s musical chairs in the State House as lawmakers announce plans to run for higher office.

“The 2020 legislative session had barely begun when news broke that Lt Governor David Zuckerman (D/P) was likely planning to announce his run for Governor. In addition to creating a buzz around the State House, it also created a potential open statewide position that others immediately began to eye. Two Senators, including leader Tim Ashe (D/P) and others announced they may seek the state’s number 2 slot. Other Democrats are considering Ashe’s current spot as senate leader and/or openings in the Chittenden County senate. All reminiscent of a game of musical chairs.

On the Republican side, there are already two announced candidates for the Lt Governor’s race, but Zuckerman’s plans could prompt former House minority leader Don Turner to enter the fray. Republicans also have an announced candidate for Governor (John Klar) and it is assumed by most observers that Phil Scott will seek re-election, but he has indicated he plans to wait until after the session to announce."



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