Nevada in the bag, on to Texas for Bernie Sanders - VT Digger

VT Digger’s Kit Norton was on the campaign trail in Nevada this weekend. He describes Bernie Sanders’ decisive victory in the Democratic presidential primary from Sanders HQ in Las Vegas, “a hole in the wall north of the casinos and hotels of the downtown.”

Sanders had already started a tour of four rallies across Texas, but his absence did not bother supporters as they celebrated in Las Vegas. Asked if he was irritated that Sanders had left Nevada as the results were coming in, Michael Clark, who had voted early said, “Oh god, no." Clark, who had supported Sanders in 2016, said he had briefly considered voting for Warren before returning to Sanders. “He’s just so very consistent,” he said. “I like Warren, but I like Bernie more.”

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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-03-01 19:58:01 -0500
    I don’t buy this load of equine manure and neither should anybody else. The fact is that once upon a time the only gun legislation in Vermont, was the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Article 16 of the Vermont Constitution. All that follows is the gutting of a guaranteed constitutional right. That’s right every statute, or regulation pertaining to the personal ownership, and use of a firearm has taken away from (infringed upon) this right, unless it is restoring a right previously infringed upon. Example, concealed carry. Do you suppose that in 1776 it was against the law to have a pistol in your pocket ? Maybe under the British. No, the right to carry concealed for self defense without the knowledge, and possible fear of others, while putting doubt in the minds of those that may do you harm, was once an unthought of infringement, thus one reason for the 2nd Amendment. 
       A 24/48/72 hour waiting period, sounds reasonable, except the denial or approval is determined by whom ? We have an instant check and approval/denial (NICS) now performed by the FBI. I’ve never waited more than a few minutes. For those that claim it may save lives of some who would consider suicide, it may, but it may cost lives of women, or men, who need immediate protection from a possible abuser in a domestic situation. Where is the balance point ? Which point is more valid than the other ? If the State needs to update it’s reporting abilities to enhance NICS, than place the responsibility there not on law abiding citizens.   To contend “Relax, gun owners, nobody is coming for your weapons” when I can go to one Senator’s web page and find no less than five bills to regulate firearms is asking me to see, hear, and speak no evil, I’m nobodies monkey nor will I turn the other cheek when I am being assaulted.
    Assaulted, that brings up another camel’s nose, “assault weapons”. In 1776 an “assault weapon” was a muzzle loading, smooth bore, black power, round ball firing musket known as a “Brown Bess” The times have changed. Now it’s a fully auto capable fire breathing M16/M4 that with one pull of the trigger will unleash 600-700 rounds per minute. An AR 15 it ain’t and don’t let any fact skewing politician tell you that they are one in the same, not even close. AR stands for Armlite Rifle, not automatic rifle, Armlite being the company that developed, and manufactured the rifle. An AR might look like an M16/M4, but that’s where the similarity ends, appearance. Once you pull the trigger you’ll understand the difference. An AR has functionally more in common with my Remington 1187 Skeet gun or my 70 year old Stevens .22 rim fire semi-auto than an M16/M4. “Relax, gun owners, nobody is coming for your weapons” is that like, “don’t worry, we’re from the government and we’re here to help you”? Relax? yea, right with the folks that we have under the “Golden Dumb” writing, debating and passing policy that they themselves don’t know from Shineola ? Not a chance !