Nevada ex-prostitutes expose life in the legal sex trade - Vermont Daily

A pair of human trafficking survivors discussed what it’s really like working in Nevada’s legal sex trade - a discussion with ramifications for the Vermont Legislature’s ‘study bill’ on prostitution legalization.

“The sex trade is being glamorized as never before – from the promotion of sugar dating; to films and shows that portray rich, independent “sex workers” choosing handsome, rich, kind johns who treat and pay them well, to advocacy from “sex workers” who argue that fully decriminalizing the sex trade is a move to empower women. Yet the reality of legalized prostitution looks far different than the rosy picture painted in popular culture. Nearly fifty years ago, Nevada legalized prostitution across 10% of the state. The popular image of legalized prostitution in Nevada fits the rosy picture. But according to two presenters at an upcoming seminar, the reality couldn’t be further from that image."



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