NEK pond first in state to be removed from impaired waters list – Essex Reporter

Finally, a bit of good news!

"A pond in the Northeast Kingdom has become the first in Vermont to be removed from the state’s impaired waters list after meeting federal water quality standards, the Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced this week. According to the DEC, Ticklenaked Pond in Ryegate, Vt., has been restored according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s mandated phosphorus reduction goals following more than a decade of local and state efforts to control phosphorus runoff into the Caledonia County pond. Successes within Ticklenaked Pond's watershed makes the pond the first to be removed from the state's impaired waters list for water quality improvements, according to the DEC. Phosphorus is a vital nutrient for plant growth often found in fertilizer. When washed into bodies of water, phosphorus can also nurture potentially toxic blooms of cyanobacteria – more commonly known as “blue-green algae.”



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