NAACP seeks collection of race information about Covid-19 patients - Rutland Herald

As the Vermont Legislature prepares this week to hear about the racial and equity issues surrounding Covid-19, the Vermont NAACP has asked providers and patients to submit racial data about Covid-19 patients.

"Tabitha Moore, president of the Rutland Area NAACP, said there was concern among members Vermont’s NAACP chapters and other racial justice groups like the ACLU, Justice for All and the Human Rights Commission, about whether people of color in Vermont are contracting COVID-19 or dying of the disease at a higher rate than the white population. However, they were told that Vermont state officials didn’t want to release the information because the state has such a small population of nonwhite residents, the racial identities of COVID-19 patients might lead to inaccurate conclusions, Moore said. “But what we end up finding out later that day is that, no, it’s not that they don’t want to release it, it’s that they haven’t been collecting it, and that even when there isn’t a pandemic, the collection rate is 27% of racial demographic data,” she said."

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