Musician’s act of politically-correct vandalism helps publicize latest record project – Seven Days

The musician who defaced a supposedly non-inclusive $100,000 mural on Church Street, Burlington in the dead of night while disguised has had his record expunged. And the whole thing is good publicity for his next record project.

"Despite facing a felony charge, Maier avoided jail. In fact, he never saw the inside of a courtroom. Chittenden County State's Attorney Sarah George diverted his case to the Burlington Community Justice Center. Now that he has fully honored the contract outlined by his restorative justice panel, Maier's record will be expunged. "Like it never happened," said Det. Thomas Chenette, who was the lead detective in Maier's case and also sat on the CJC panel. “The intention was to reclaim some power for points of view that aren't heard and to move people on ideology away from white supremacy and towards decolonizing our lives. That's where the conversation needs to be," he added. "Not all up in my life, not if I'm a good person or a bad person — because I don't even know that. I regret my actions because of the consequences in my own life, which is all I know. But I don't think that's the conversation. “Instead, Maier hopes to move dialogue around race and social justice forward with his mixed-media project, Red + Blue, which combines instrumental music, writing and visual art.)"

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