Municipality worries C-19 will create $400,000 deficit - Times Argus

Delayed and unpaid tax receipts are expected to spike in Barre, and in many Vermont municipalities. The Legislature isn’t the only governmental body faced with delivering essential services with less money while meeting remotely.

"According to Monahan, $400,000 is an upper end estimate and some of that is self-inflicted, large chunks can be traced to the life-altering and still-evolving response to the disease caused by the new coronavirus. Monahan said she is now anticipating a $100,000 reduction in fees, fines, penalties and interest – a sliver of which can be traced to week-old decisions the council ratified Tuesday night. That includes roughly $3,000 tied to the decision to suspend interest due on delinquent tax accounts through April 15 and about $700 linked to a one month extension for licensing dogs. It does not include $6,000 in revenue the city expects to lose because of its approval of a one-month waiver of penalty and interest associated with water and sewer that are due next Tuesday, as well as other delinquent accounts. Meanwhile, Monahan said she is bracing for an $80,000 spike in delinquent taxes due to the economic impacts of the coronavirus crisis."

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