Morrisville bear destroys composting bin on first day of operation - Vermont Daily

A Morrisville decided she would try her earthy best to compost her food scraps, in keeping with Vermont’s new law - especially after she learned the local transfer station wasn’t ready to accept scraps yet. A bear was, though.

“I also asked, “What about the people who live in apartments or townhouses/condos and don’t have the wherewithal to do their own composting?” “No problem at all,” said the compost aficionados. “If you don’t want to compost, you can just have Casella pick up the food scraps, or you can bring them to one of the transfer stations yourself.” I silently wondered how poor people would be able to afford to pay Casella or a transfer station for this service, and also, how people with a regular job (or two or three) would find the time to do all this. I didn’t ask those questions out loud, though, since my first post had already occupied FPF for about a week. So I called Casella, and they told me they weren’t equipped yet to pick up food scraps. I later read that they had implored Montpelier to indefinitely delay the mandatory composting, to no avail."



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