Montpelier to hire teacher for just one more student – Times Argus


The Montpelier/Roxbury school district will hire a new teacher because sixth grade enrollment is just one student over the “cap.”

"“So our middle school is at max capacity right now and like I said, as soon as the family signs their paperwork we will be over the limit in sixth grade by one student,” Bonesteel said, adding that her request was a one-to-one ratio. Bonesteel noted that the school didn’t have the space needed to add another student, but she said Facilities Director Andrew LaRosa is looking at the configuration of classrooms to see how the addition of another student in sixth grade could be accommodated. It’s expected that the new student would go into the sixth-grade class with more space, the board was told. Bonesteel was also asked whether the eighth grade could be moved to Montpelier High School, or if the fifth grade could be moved to Union Elementary School, to make more room at the middle school. Bonesteel said the suggestions could not be considered because of capacity at all three schools, with enrollment only expected to grow."

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