City of Montpelier skirts budget process to allocate $10K for 'social justice' - True North Reports

The City of Montpelier is fast-tracking a $10,000 budget item for a vaguely-worded 'social justice' program. 



"During the council’s Wednesday regular meeting, members of the Social and Economic Justice Advisory Committee came before the councilors to request money for a “social and economic justice assessment project.” The project, only generally described at the meeting, aims to assess social equity, diversity and justice issues in city government.

Shaina Kasper, a member of the advisory committee, began her presentation by reminding councilors that the committee was established “with an important, ambitious, and far-reaching charge of tackling systemic oppression and working towards greater equity and justice for all residents.”

She explained that the group wanted to take a proactive role in gathering and evaluating information on the “perceptions, experiences, and recommendations of a wide-range of Montpelier residents in regard to the impact of the city government’s policies and practices on economic, social, and racial justice.”"

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  • Ann McCausland Greenwood
    commented 2019-12-04 07:47:28 -0500
    So, what are they asking for? Who is not being treated fairly? The article says nothing. Would like to hear more specific statements as to what they hope to achieve.