Montpelier Democrat worries commercial cannabis will mean more traffic stops of minorities - VT Daily Chronicle

Act 250 revision may fail, state official says, and commercial cannabis could result in more traffic stops of minority Vermonters, a liberal Democrat says to explain her “no” vote on S54, commercial cannabis.

“H926 will now go to the Senate for review. Peter Walke, the new commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation, reportedly told Seven Days that the bill may fail. There was dissatisfaction about the 11th-hour reinstatement of nine-member regional review boards over one, quasi-judicial review board. S54 has been approved by both Senate and House but significant changes made by the House must be considered by the Senate. A conference committee is likely. Both bills are considered fair-to-good candidates for a gubernatorial veto, depending on the final version sent to Gov. Scott.)"



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