Mom wants local school to fly Booker T. Washington flag, not BLM – Vermont Daily

Tuskegee Institute founder Booker T. Washington is a far better educational role model for all American youth of all skin tones than the rioting, intolerant BLM movement, an Essex mom told the school.

“The Essex – Westford School District Board announced that the BLM flag will be flown beneath the American flag beginning August 6. Heather Sheppard is an on-air personality for the Light Radio and mother of four girls. According to her letter, she was raised as an orphan on an Indian reservation in Oklahoma and has many Black friends in her former hometown of troubled Ferguson, Missouri. She said BLM is counterproductive to racial justice and progress because it fails to address chronic problems of gang violence, fatherlessness, poor schools, and economic opportunity – and in some ways actually makes these problems worse. As an alternative, she suggests the lesser-known BTWS, which has an educational focus and a local Essex Junction chapter."



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