Molly Gray, Tim Ashe exchange fire, draw blood during first Dem LG debate - Seven Days

The two frontrunners for the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor drew fire during the first debate before the August 11 primary.

"Ashe kicked off the segment by comparing his and Gray's political experience. "I have served on a city council, you have not. I have been elected by Vermonters to the Senate to use my judgment to advance the best interest of the state, you have not," he said, repeating the refrain two more times as he listed other accomplishments. "Why do you believe someone with no experience in any of the areas I just described, who has never held elected office, is qualified to be a heartbeat away from the governor's office?" Gray responded that Vermonters will "see the same outcomes" if they continue to "elect the same leaders." "A fourth of Vermont still doesn't have access to the internet," she said. "It's 2020 and we still don't have internet? We still don't have childcare? We still don't have family and medical leave?""

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