Mitzi Johnson vote recount takes place today in North Hero - The Islander

Twelve Vermonters - six from each party - today in North Hero will conduct the recount requested by Grand Isle Rep. Mitzi Johnson after the 18-year lawmaker and current House Speaker fell 20 votes short of re-election.

“The four candidates were asked to submit possible names to be part of the recount. As of last week Judge Robert Mello had appointed the following:
Democrats: Bob Ayres, Diane Bahrenburg, Leisa Fearing, Susan Davis, Jeff Potvin, Michael Inners, Tim Bourne, Claire LaVoie, Jenn Wood and Harry Parker. Republicans: Rose-Marie Cheeseman, Mary Louise Lombard, Robert Lombard, Robert Griswold, John Larabee, Jeffrey Parizo, Yancy Martell, John LaBarge, Roland Latimer and Wendell Noble. The town clerk said she believed the judge would whittle the list to six for each party with the remaining members serving as alternates as needed."



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