Minimum wage veto deals second blow for Dem House agenda - VPR

First, they failed to override the paid family leave veto. Now the House Democratic leadership has another uphill battle - getting enough votes to override Gov. Phil Scott’s veto of the minimum wage.

"The bill would have raised the minimum wage to $11.75 next year and $12.55 in 2022. But Scott said he had concerns it would hurt rural Vermonters and small businesses. "The small mom and pop shops up in the Northeast Kingdom barely able to get by without a lot of traffic and volume to substantiate some of these higher wages -- it's not the same as Burlington," Scott said Tuesday. Democrats in the Senate say they can easily override the veto of the minimum wage bill. "The fundamental issue is a belief that people throughout the state who show up for work every day and work hard deserve to see their pay go up. We're trying anything we can do to make that happen," said Senate President Tim Ashe, D/P-Chittenden County.


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