Addison county man charged with hate crime for harassing migrant activists - Free Press

A 24-year-old Addison County man has been charged with a hate crime for harassing members of an organization that supports migrants, including illegal immigrants.

"The accusations stem from incidents that occurred in late August. Police say Atkins was visiting a farm on Vermont 22A in Addison at the time, and during his visit, he let the air out of the tires of a Migrant Justice member's car. The tires were later re-inflated, and no damage was caused. Police say that several days later, Atkins left a voicemail for Migrant Justice in which he told them not to return to the farms. State police said the message "would have left a reasonable person to feel threatened and intimidated.""


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  • s brown
    commented 2019-09-30 22:47:58 -0400
    Good! No one should be harassing a farmer or their farm workers in Vermont (migrant or not). It’s so dang hard to get good help on a farm these days and it doesn’t help that most Vermont farmers can’t even financially afford the ‘legal’ wicked expensive H2-A program that completely EXPLOITS the small Vermont farmer turning them into a charity! So, to this Atkins dude, if you feel threatened that a migrant is taking your job, why don’t you go bust your butt 6 days a week 12-15 hrs a day working on a farm for minimum wage rather than deflate someone’s tires! People like Atkins with ignorant attitudes don’t realize they are seriously HURTING the farmer and farm that they visit when they are cruel to the workers that are at least busting their butt to help keep Vermont Farms alive!