Middlebury High School on-site health clinic to offer birth control – VT Digger

A new health clinic for students at Middlebury High School will offer STD screening and birth control options. Parental involvement?

"In order to sign students up, Landwehr said families must fill out enrollment and consent forms, which include a basic medical history and insurance information. Just a few days before opening, Landwehr said that 65 families had returned enrollment paperwork, and several had set up appointments. “With the parent’s permission, if the students aren’t a patient at Porter, their information will be shared with their primary care doctors,” Landwehr said, explaining that this will help facilitate communication between the school’s health center and other doctors in the area. Under Vermont law, minors are permitted to receive reproductive health care such as STI testing and treatment, evaluation and treatment for substance use disorders, and evaluation and treatment for mental health without parental consent.

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