Mayor Miro wants big carbon fee for new oil, gas furnaces - Vermont Daily

If a proposal by Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger becomes a city ordinance, the average homeowner will pay an extra $7000 over 10 years for the ‘privilege’ of heating with oil or gas.

“The ‘Building Electrification and Carbon Price Ordinance’ proposal that the City presented on Monday night creates two pathways. In pathway one, a new building does not connect to fossil fuel infrastructure and, therefore, no further requirements apply during the permit process. In pathway two, the new building connects to fossil fuel infrastructure and, therefore, the owner would pay a “building carbon fee” of $100 per ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent to the expected emissions for the first 10 years of building operation. This process would repeat every 10 years until the building no longer is using fossil fuels. "



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