Mark Steyn mocks MSNBC on Vermont election fears – Vermont Daily Chronicle

A new Vermont Daily Chronicle column profiles Fox commentator Mark Steyn’s take on wild predictions of election fraud in Vermont, coverage of the TCI carbon tax (or not), VSEA union unhappiness over VT Digger’s Woodside coverage, and more.

“Kudos to Rob Roper of the Ethan Allen Institute for pointing out the decisive moment that ended any chance Democrat Sue Minter had of winning the 2016 race for governor. It was when she praised the Transportation Climate Initiative during a live TV debate, only to have Phil Scott dismiss it as a carbon tax. Maybe that political disaster is why the pro-TCI Legislative Climate Solutions Caucus swears it won’t promote a carbon tax this year – a dubious claim dutifully reported without question or comment Dec. 11 by Vermont Public Radio.

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