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Windham County state senators say Vermont needs 'tax and regulate' sale of marijuana because the current law allowing possession-but-not sale has created a "Wild West" situation. Question: did they vote for it? If so, why should Vermonters trust their judgement now?


"State Rep. Tristan Toleno, D-Windham-2-3, said the House has "a lot of complexity in front of us" but the hope is to have a bill before the governor this coming session."



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  • d pilone
    commented 2019-09-10 08:54:55 -0400
    Tristan is blind to what is happening in our communities. Under the greatest economic recovery the USA has seen in 50 years, Vermont is going under water when it comes to drugs and homelessness. Bringing in the commercialization of marijuana will encourage more homelessness (ie Colorado) and the call for more programs. Vermont doesn’t have the population to support such things. The word is out across America that Vermont has generous welfare programs. Maybe this is due to Bernie Sanders running for president. We are getting an influx of indigent population from other states because of it. Homelessness has more than doubled in Chittenden county in the last year. Once a state gets that kind of reputation people will flock to it for handouts. Its time to find another state to live in! I don’t want my taxes going to sustain a lifestyle that our Senators are embracing.