Margolis: Klar not your predictable conservative - VT Digger

VT Digger pundit calls GOP gubernatorial candidate John Klar a 'rural populist' with some surprising policy goals - for a conservative.


"For a few reasons, though, Klar’s candidacy is politically interesting, however unlikely to succeed. First of all, he is not the standard, anti-Scott, pro-Donald Trump conservative challenger that might have been expected to emerge from one faction of the Vermont GOP, a faction which includes Republican State Committee Chair Deb Billado.

In fact, Klar said, it was in hopes of thwarting such a candidacy (which might yet arise) that he made his announcement early. At any rate, he is no supporter of Trump, for whom he did not vote.

“I was actually a Bernie (Sanders) supporter” in 2016, Klar said. “I voted for Obama twice.”

Nor does Klar plan to concentrate on social issues as he outlines his differences with Scott. His position on guns, for instance, is to “call for a truce. No new laws. No repeals. I want to get away from these visceral issues.”

Instead, he will campaign on economic issues, education, the opioid epidemic, and the potential deficit in the state’s pension systems.

“I’m rebelling because I’m disenchanted with the bureaucratic disconnect with economic reality in our government and our Legislature,” he said, “particularly towards farmers and rural Vermonters.”


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