Manchester locals, out-of-staters over empty shelves - Manchester Journal

Local Facebook forums, normally friendly and helpful places where people get answers to questions and share good news with each other have, on occasion, been filled with name-calling and finger-pointing over who is responsible for empty store shelves with battle lines drawn between full-time area residents and part-timers.

“One of the earlier posts that set things off alleged that local stores' parking lots were full of cars with out of state plates and tales of grocery aisle chaos revealed people stealing items from the carts of elderly and more. A post by Londonderry Select Board chairwoman George Mora poured gasoline on the debate. "For the love of god, could people from high-infection rate areas PLEASE stop coming to Vermont?" the post read. "Our medical capabilities are already limited due to our small population. If people from somewhere with earlier and more infections come here and start getting sick, they stand to overwhelm our capacity and leave the local population without medical care. This is a humanitarian plea. Think beyond your own self-interests at a time like this.""



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