Man with New Jersey record for drug-dealing near school arrested in St. Albans for dealing cocaine – St. Albans Messenger

A St. Albans taxi business owner with 20 New Jersey convictions – including drug dealing on school property – has been arrested for dealing cocaine. (In another story today about Vermont drug dealing with an out-of-state angle, the Times-Argus ran the headline, “Montpelier woman gets 1-5 years for helping out-of-state drug dealers.”

“The SAPD took Latham into custody during that search without incident, according to Cote’s affidavit. Cote wrote that Latham waived his Miranda rights at the SAPD. “Latham admitted to selling the crack cocaine and he acknowledged the bags of crack cocaine he was selling were small,” Cote wrote. According to Cote’s affidavit, Latham has 23 convictions, three in Vermont, none of which are drug-related, and 20 from New Jersey, including homicide, possessing marijuana, cocaine, heroin, a hypodermic needle and a controlled substance and distributing a dangerous substance on school property."

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