Mailed ballots discriminate against transients, homeless, Brattleboro decides - Brattleboro Reformer

Mailed ballots give an unfair advantage to people who own their homes, the Town Clerk of Brattleboro says. So the town won’t be mailing ballots to every resident for Town Meeting. Who knew?

"While mailing ballots to all active registered voters — as was done by the state in November — would make the election more accessible in one way, Francis found a “drawback…..It favors a particular demographic in that people who own homes and are stable in their rentals aren’t moving around as much and they won’t have to call us to request their ballots,” she said. “They’ll automatically be mailed a ballot. Those who are less stable and more transient would have to call us every time they’re moving in order to get a ballot sent to the correct location.”"

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