Low pay, hard work, few workers bedevil nursing homes - VPR

Part of the problem of providing care to Vermont seniors is a worker shortage for these low-pay, demanding jobs. 

"Like many Vermont eldercare homes, EastView at Middlebury was struggling to keep enough 'round-the-clock staff in early 2015. The nonprofit's 34 elderly residents were falling down more often as a result, a confidential complainant alleged February 3 of that year to Vermont's Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living. The home was interviewing caregiver candidates almost daily and leaning on temp agencies to cover gaps, state records show.

Jessica Badger, a 30-year-old caregiver, was working there at the time. She had pleaded guilty January 26 to forging a check and received a deferred sentence. Badger continued to care for seniors at EastView after that, despite a state rule that bars eldercare facilities from employing anyone convicted of theft-related crimes.

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