Lone gun rights supporter asks for removal of H610 sponsors - Vermont Daily Chronicle

Jim Sexton from Essex Junction went to Montpelier yesterday on a one-man mission to seek the removal of the sponsors of H610, the gun-seizure/domestic violence bill. He said it violates the presumption of innocence and 16th amendment gun possession rights found in the Vermont Constitution.

“Sgt. Of Arms Janet Miller received the packet of information and said she would provide it to the Capitol Police. Sexton, a Colchester native and son of a police officer, also met with Rep. Pat Brennan (R-Colchester), a strong gun rights proponent, and exchanged information with a local TV reporter. He plans to follow up with Capitol Police Chief Matt Romei. “Too many people sit back and don’t stand up,” Sexton said. “My grandfather told me to stand up if you believe in something.”"



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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-03-15 20:05:20 -0400
    Thanks Jim,
    If we as gun owners cold get even 50% of the gun owners of the State of Vermont to show up at just one rally on the State House lawn, we would not be facing the yearly deluge of new gun control, excuse me “gun safety” bills we now have to deal with. Sadly the biggest one I’ve seen (and one way or another I’ve been at all of them) was maybe fifteen hundred people. (the one where Mag Pull handed out free 30 round Mags) The truth is most gun owners are sadly apathetic, and, or ignorant about the plight of the 2nd Amendment, and Article 16 in this state. It can’t happen here, right ? It doesn’t affect me, I don’t have one of those guns. Just keep sticking your heads in the sand and next sound you hear will be an ATFE Agent knocking on your door asking about your favorite modern sporting rifle, remember, the one with the 5 round magazine ? It can’t happen here ! Right !