Lenny Roberge, at 105 the oldest veteran in Vermont, lives in South Burlington – The Other Paper

Mr. Roberge lives independently at the Allenwood home. His daughter says that “at a young 105 years, he continues to embrace each day, pressing through the challenges and delighting in the joy of what life has given him.” In his self-published memoir, he recalls how he was among the hundreds of thousands of servicemen who in the summer of 1945 were ready to deploy to the invasion of Japan. Then the nuclear bombs were dropped, and the war finally ended days later

“Three months later, my unit was ordered to San Francisco, Calif., to await deployment to the Pacific War Theatre. I realized how different this next assignment could be and how much my life could change. However, again, another twist. The atom bomb was dropped. The war was ending. Shortly after, because I was a married sailor, I was among the first of the enlisted men eligible for discharge. While awaiting discharge, my wife joined me and we enjoyed our short stay, elated that soon we could begin our married life as we had imagined and dreamed.

My last duty station was in South Station in Boston, Mass., until my discharge as Yeoman First Class just before Christmas in 1945. I was blessed to be able to return to my hometown of Rutland, Vt., and resume my pre-war employment with Central Vermont Public Service Corporation (now Green Mountain Power)."

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