Legislature voting on vote-by-mail fraud; homeless bill dead - Vermont Daily

Consumed with pandemic legislation for months, the Vermont Legislature is returning its attention to pre-pandemic bills. Is that a good thing?

“H. 833 forms a study group of the environmental and economic impacts of moving surface water, including runoff. Critics of the state Clean Water Act’s huge fees for surface water management fees hope this study will offer more realistic solutions.

H. 99 bans trade in ivory, animal skins, and other body parts of protected animals including elephants, ocelots, jaguars, lions, mammoths and mastodons. Exceptions include ivory-inlaid firearms, drums covered with protected animal hide, etc..

H 581 forms a study group to emphasize the wildlife protection role of the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife and find reliable funding sources other than hunting and fishing license fees. In effect, this bill would reduce Fish & Wildlife policy and funding control by sportsmen and sportswomen and enhance it among bird-watchers and other non-lethal nature-lovers."



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