Legislature on federal recovery $$: spend now, or spend later? - Associated Press

As the Legislature prepares to adjourn this week and return in August, the last big job is passing the three-month budget. Gov. Scott and the Legislature can’t agree on how quickly to dispense the $1.25 billion in federal recovery money, and who should get it.

"Lawmakers in the House and Senate are wrapping up legislation to allocate almost $1 billion of the $1.25 billion Vermont has received from the federal CARES Act, which is helping states respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Under the terms of the CARES Act, states must spend the money by the end of the year on coronavirus-related projects that will have immediate benefit. It is separate from the regular state budget. Among the bills that have passed the House is legislation that would provide assistance to the state’s health care providers, while other funds would go to the Vermont Foodbank, for child care programs and housing programs. The plan is to save about $250 million of CARES Act funding to see if the restrictions on its use will change."

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