Leahy: Trump ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ in coronavirus funding ask – Vermont Business Magazine

President Donald Trump has made a woefully weak ask for funding to fight the global threat of the coronavirus, Sen. Patrick Leahy said.

“His administration is only requesting $1.25 billion in emergency funding, and the rest is drained from resources to combat Ebola and other unspecified public health programs.

"Further, in taking his “America First” mantra to the extreme, the President has included nothing for US AID to help contain the spread abroad. This is on top of the obscene cuts to the very programs meant to combat infectious diseases that President Trump proposed for next year in his budget released just two weeks ago.

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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-03-01 10:19:45 -0500
    I believe that he said that if Choke Schumer and the Dems. wanted to give him 8 Billion dollars to address Corona virus, he’d accept it. I’m so sick of the press, and the Democrats taking an opposing position to the President and Republicans on every topic that comes up, I’m about to the point of automatically dismissing any argument that the Dems put forth on any topic as political manure, an argument for the sake of arguing, sort of reminds me of a comedy skit that Monty Python did where a man walks into a business and states “I’d like to have an argument”, and the man behind the reception desk says “no you wouldn’t”. Merely taking an opposing position is not having a logical argument, it’s just disagreeing for the sake of disagreement. Is that really what politics in this country has devolved into ? Sad