Leahy pans Trump Israel-Palestine deal – Vermont Business Magazine

Donald Trump and Sen. Pat Leahy tore their attention away from the impeachment trial long enough to announce and decry an Israel-Palestine peace plan, respectively.

“The President’s plan is marketed as a roadmap for peace. It is not. It is a roadmap for annexing settlements and territory, and indefinite occupation, while creating the mirage of a future Palestinian ‘state.’ It is about catering to an extreme constituency for whom the Palestinians exist as a threat to be intimidated, humiliated, and contained, not as a population and culture with legitimate rights, aspirations, and needs. “The Trump plan, which is also the Netanyahu plan, would deepen divisions and further erode hope for a peaceful and viable two-state solution. It would damage relations with our ally Jordan. It would be cited to justify other forcible annexations of territory in violation of international law.

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