Lawmakers interested in free bus rides, more car fees to get GMTA out of $1 million hole – VT Digger

Thanks to aggressive expansion, low ridership on some routes, and low-carbon investments, Green Mountain Transit has a $1 million deficit. Cut routes? Raise fares? Ask Montpelier and Washington for more money?

"Chittenden also told the council that GMT and the Statehouse are discussing more sustainable funding methods as employed by other states. One example may be to re-examine car registration fees, he said. Right now, Tim Ashe as well as Curt McCormack are intrigued by the notion of fare-free, because we should see ridership increase.” Ride fares account for about $2.2 million annually, or 10% of GMT’s $22 million budget. Chittenden said the move to fare-free isn’t unheard of, but he wondered where the money would come from.."

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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2019-12-29 10:53:16 -0500
    I, as a 3rd generation citizen of the State of Vermont, have been paying for other people’s little geniuses (I have no children) to get an education here since my first job 44 years ago. That part of my yearly tribute to the town of Calais is 2/3rds of my “property taxes”. Over and above that education tax for their children, some of the people of Calais have seen fit for the rest of us to support their favorite tax exempt, non profit, “charities”. These people see fit to donate over $25,000 every year to a library in Montpelier, and thousands of dollars more to various other “charitable” organizations which the majority of people in town have deemed worthy, regardless of how the minority feel about these other organizations and their missions. When will we get our “free” bus rides from Adamant, Maple Corners, North and East Calais to Montpelier, Barre, or Hardwick ? Notice any parallels here between local and state government and the collection and use of tax dollars for the good of the collective ? We know better, it’s for your own good. We’ll show you how to spend your hard earned dollars responsibly. Yea, right !
  • Lorens Lindberg
    commented 2019-12-24 10:18:19 -0500
    Raise fares! There should be no free rides based on funding by the general public taxes!