Landlord’s worst nightmare, complete with chickens and chinchillas – Caledonian-Record

Landlords of Darling Manor, a short-term rental hotel in Lyndonville, tried to evict a local contractor for non-payment. Instead they got a harassment campaign.

"They said Megrath brought four dogs, 20 chickens and two chinchillas into the property. They said he dismantled the building’s propane heating system and rigged it with gas tanks that are used for grills. And then, they said, he told the two that he and his family wouldn’t be leaving after all. The McIntoshes filed eviction paperwork. Megrath didn’t leave — and began stalking, harassing and intimidating the family, they said.

In September, a court finally ordered Megrath to vacate the rental, and a judge upheld a restraining order filed by Benjamin McIntosh against him. For too long, though, the McIntoshes felt officials let Megrath squat in their building by abusing tenant laws. “He uses the court system like a criminal uses a gun,” said Sarah McIntosh, 59.

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