Klar Klarifies Why He Once Supported Bernie, but Never Will Again - Vermont Daily Chronicle

John Klar of Brookfield, the farmer/author who as of this week is a candidate for the GOP nomination for governor, explains why he once supported Bernie and Obama - but has since seen the light. 

"Then four years later, after the financial implosion had been (marginally) surmounted, Mitt Romney proclaimed that if elected he would initiate a trade war with China. This sounded reckless and very dangerous — similar protectionism had greatly aggravated the Great Depression (of which I was and am a student). So again, out of fiscal concerns, I felt compelled to vote for Barack Obama.

But my cynicism was justified. Not only did POTUS Obama accept massive sums from Wall Street and other financial interests, but he supported Monsanto Corporation against farmers, and he tried to unconstitutionally compromise the Second Amendment. I had been betrayed by the Democrats yet again.

Then Bernie Sanders ran for POTUS. I initially supported him because I favored a third-party populist — from Left or Right — to break the corporate/Party dominance that seemed ever to siphon taxpayer money despite promises of integrity. But low and behold, Hillary Clinton decided it was her decision who would win the primary, and took Bernie out — and he pandered to her and the DNC like a sell-out! So much for a left-wing populist. More, the national media and American public didn’t seem to mind that we had been disenfranchised. After that, I would never vote for a Democrat again. Clearly, the Rule of Law, and the right to vote, were viewed with contempt by the DNC. But I was unpersuaded by Donald Trump, and voted in protest for a pot smoking libertarian.”

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