Klar clobbers Scott over failure to enforce social distancing at protests - True North Reports

Phil Scott is making an unfair exception by allowing police brutality supporters to ignore social distancing, challenger John Klar says. Unfair for everyone else, that is. But really - what else could Scott do?

"Vermont governor Phil Scott announced on June 5 that social distancing requirements would not be enforced against Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters at coming events because they are exercising “their constitutional rights.” The governor’s stunning epiphany means he has finally come to comprehend that in Vermont, the United States Constitution actually does apply. This is great news for Vermonters — in almost all past decisions, the governor has demonstrated a total obliviousness, if not hostility, to citizens’ rights. This is the governor who decided in 2018 to abandon constitutional protections of the right to self-defense when he signed a sweeping gun bill that banned high-capacity magazines and imposed universal background checks on gun sales. A current gun bill (H. 610) is even more blatantly unconstitutional, but the governor has been silent."

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