Klar, challengers take shots at incumbent Scott in GOP gube debate - Seven Days

At a VPR-hosted debate yesterday, Phil Scott took heat from challengers for the GOP nomination - and gave it right back, too.

"Bernard Peters of Irasburg said Scott had engaged in a double standard by asking many Vermonters to maintain a social distance from one another while encouraging Black Lives Matter protesters to march "elbow to elbow." He also alleged that residents had been held to a higher quarantine standard than tourists. "If you're gonna protect the Vermont people, we're not anti- people coming here, we're anti- people coming here to make our people sick," Peters said. John Klar of Brookfield, meanwhile, criticized Scott for initially setting what he called onerous restrictions on farmers' markets and for failing to provide guidance to gun shops as to whether they could continue to do business. "Many local businesses were closed while Walmart and other large chains and McDonald's were thriving," he said. "There were a lot of inconsistencies in this.""

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