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The Vermont Democratic Party doesn't like where John Klar stands on abortion and transgender surgery. Lots of name-calling. Klar's position on abortion is essentially a "meet in the middle" compromise that would stop third-trimester abortions. So - who's out of step with the average Vermonter: Farmer John, or the Vermont Democratic Party? 

"High taxes are driving businesses and people from the state at the same time pension debt is soaring, meaning that if the economy sputters, the state could find itself in real trouble, he asserted.

“If that happens, we’re looking at bankruptcy,” Klar said. “If we don’t fix this, the state is going to have its credit rating downgraded again.”

But it was his views on social issues, not fiscal ones, that earned the former pastor swift condemnation from the political establishment.

Klar, who has never held public office, is opposed to abortion. He referred to it in an interview as “extermination” of babies, then quickly revised  that to "termination." He said his “compromise” position was to call for a state ban on third-trimester abortions, which he likened to “infanticide.”

He also published an op-ed last month titled “Transgender surgery is the lobotomy of the 21st century” on the website American Thinker. He stood by the piece in an interview.

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