Agrepublican Klar says "bloated tick" bureaucracy needs popping, now - WCAX

John Klar, the 'Agrepublican' farmer from Brookfield who is also a former lawyer, defended overtaxed Vermonters from what he called a "bloodsucking" state government. 

"Klar is a farmer and lawyer from Brookfield who describes himself as an 'Agripublican.' He says he wants to shrink taxes and regulations, claiming that Vermont's bureaucracy has grown out of control.

"Government has grown like a bloated tick off the blood of working Vermonters. It's time to pop it, make sure we get the head out to make sure there's not an ongoing infection," Klar said.

The Republican says he wants to address state pension deficits, reduce taxes, and continue the fight against the opioid crisis.

Klar says he won't repeal Governor Scott's sweeping 2018 gun control laws. "I don't have a gun agenda. I'm not proposing any new freedoms for guns. We've already lost sadly, thanks to Phil Scott," Klar said.”

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