Klar, 30 State House candidates would pop ‘bloated tick’ of state goverment - WCAX

The number of Vermonters now running for state office in affiliation John Klar’s run for governor has now reached close to 30 people, he announced at a press conference on the lawn of the Vermont State House - which he referred to as “the bloated tick.”

""We now have a situation where we're all working for them. The money is transferring from us to them. They're not working to enrich our prosperity, they are diminishing our prosperity to enrich their own," Klar said. The list of new candidates include:

Stewart Beam/House - Windsor 3-2
Lynn Dike/House - Addison 4
Jacob Holmes/House - Windsor 1
Thomas Hughes/House - Addison 1
Samantha Lefebvre/House - Orange 1
Sherri Prouty/House - Rutland 5-4
Jon Christiano/Senate - Addison
Charles Wilson/Senate - Caledonia”

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