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A small not-for-profit operates Green Mountain Express, with 15 buses and six minivans in Bennington County. GME lost half of its ridership during the worst of the pandemic, but still was able to offer innovative services for health care providers and the 16% of Bennington County that lives under the poverty line.

"The public transportation agency, which operates 15 buses and 6 minivans in Bennington, taped off every other seat in some instances to encourage social distancing. As a part of the Work Smart & Stay Safe Executive Order implemented by Gov. Phil Scott, mask use is required on public transit services. "Our drivers have full PPE (personal protective equipment), shields or glasses, they wear their masks, they have gloves. We are really trying to limit personal contact and keep everyone safe. We're sanitizing the buses every day," Maroney said. According to Maroney, riders took their own precautions as well and limited their traveling which resulted in a 50-percent decrease in ridership "since COVID-19 hit plus or minus given the week.""

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