Just don’t call this hand sanitizer White Lightning - VPR

What’s the vital ingredient in a bottle of vodka? Alcohol. What’s the vital ingredient in hand sanitizer? Also Alcohol. And in these topsy turvy times, hand sanitizer is harder to find in stores than a good bottle of booze. In response, a Vermont distillery is brewing up and giving away free batches of hand sanitizer.

"Many Stowe-area restaurants serve Green Mountain’s vodka and other spirits. The distillers thought this was a way they could help out, so they posted about it on Facebook on Sunday, when the first batch was ready. They invited anyone to come in and help themselves to what has become a hot commodity in this time of COVID-19. “We’d like to try to keep it going, and allow the restaurants to come in and get what they need,” Faircloth said. “We’re just asking people to come and take what they need and not any more. There’s already been people coming with cases of mason jars – it’s not for resale.”"


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