Just 20 arrests for prostitution since 2014, Vermont police say – WCAX

Despite just a handful of arrests every year for prostitution – and even fewer convictions – some lawmakers want to make the Oldest Profession a non-criminal livelihood. “Vermont is not a place where it’s not happening,” the bill’s chief sponsor argues.

"Vermont State Police have made fewer than 20 prostitution arrests since 2014, but some lawmakers say it's not about how common prostitution is. "This is something that happens all over the country and Vermont is not a place where it's not happening," said Rep. Selene Colburn, P-Burlington. Prostitution is illegal on the federal level and in almost every state, including Vermont, where it is a misdemeanor. Only in a few Nevada counties has sex work been decriminalized. And under Colburn's proposal, Vermont could join them. "Does consensual sex between adults on any terms need to be criminalized?" questioned Colburn.

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