Internet, Emerald Ash Borer, local sales taxes, Second Amendment sanctuary among issues facing Town Meeting voters - VT Digger

The proposed Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution received a paragraph of its own in this wrap-up of Town Meeting ballot questions - you can find it 11 paragraphs up from the bottom. Plenty going on at Town Meetings tomorrow besides the presidential primary.

The threat of the destructive forest insect the emerald ash borer is sparking requests for local extermination efforts, including $10,000 in Grand Isle and $3,000 in Londonderry. About a dozen towns will debate a nonbinding Gun Owners of Vermont resolution, already approved by 15 communities, declaring themselves a Second Amendment “sanctuary” from further government restrictions on firearms. Nearly a dozen localities along the current 33-mile Lamoille Valley Rail Trail will weigh a resolution urging state government to “strongly support the completion” of the full 93-mile recreation corridor. Vergennes will consider whether to recommend amending its charter to allow non-citizen legal residents the right to vote on local issues.

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