Opinion: Instead of spending more relo $$, Legislature should make VT more attractive – Bill Schubart

Former chair of VT Business Roundtable thinks Vermont Legislature can do better than up the worker relocation ante. It just needs to make Vermont a better place to work and go to school.

“Many Vermonters just making ends meet, rightfully asked why their tax dollars shouldn’t be used to pay them to stay here and deal with the economic and networking challenges they face daily instead of paying newcomers to move here – or for moving here, as the report indicates – who then simply were given help with their moving expenses.

The goal of the Remote Worker Grant Program was understandable – to match job openings in urban areas where prospective employees can’t afford to live with candidates who could telecommute from small towns with a less punishing cost of living but no job openings.

The highly publicized program raises questions, however, about whether our politicians have any understanding of what would motivate a potential employee to move to Vermont. It’s not petty cash, broadband, or a season pass to Stowe.

Ironically, the motto of the Vermont Business Roundtable, which, full disclosure, I chaired many years ago, sums up a pretty coherent strategy: “Making Vermont the best place in America to do business, be educated, and live life,” although I might reverse the sequence.

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