Independent lawmaker Sibilia (West Dover) would fight climate change with adaptation, resiliency

The people living in the hollers and the hills need protection from the ravages of extreme weather more than they need another carbon-reducing measure.

"With climate change, my priority as a Vermont state legislator is protecting my communities from the impacts of climate change they are feeling right now. These include more frequent storms and more frequent power and phone outages – especially in places with too little capacity to deal with the increasing effects of climate change. When we enact legislation, it is usually with Burlington or Brattleboro in mind. Given that most Vermonters live in larger towns and cities it makes sense to me that we prioritize policy analysis for those areas. But my people, the people who live in little rural towns and up in the hills, they matter too, and I spend most of my time working to make sure we also think about them at the state level.."

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