Independence Day celebrated on State House lawn with readings, music - WPTZ

A big crowd, patriotic music, beautiful weather, an impromptu visit from a group of appreciative bikers, and even media coverage by a local TV station - Brad Broyles put together a terrific Independence Day gathering on the State House lawn on Saturday.

"This is probably the most important Fourth of July of our lives because there’s people that are trying to destroy our country,” said Jim Sexton. Lieutenant Governor candidate Dana Colson hosted the event. He and others expressed disappointment in the way the state’s leaders have handled the pandemic. “This is not how our country was meant to be. I’m descended from people that helped found this country and I need to do them proud and be here standing for them,” said Karen Skau. “Conservative and Republican and traditional Americans and Vermonters that have their beliefs and their rights are being taken away daily by the people right there,” explained Jim Sexton."

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