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Today, in his fourth January address to lawmakers, Governor Phil Scott did what he does best: posture, pretend, and play Governor.

“Following the Governor’s speech, Vermont Democratic Party spokesperson, R. Christopher Di Mezzo, released the following statement: “Scott’s three years in office have proven him to be nothing more than a passive obstructionist trying to get re-elected. Since taking office, Phil Scott has done little more than paint a dire picture of the State of our State — reducing Vermont's stature in an effort to elevate his own. “Again today, as he has done countless times before, Governor Scott claims to be making Vermont affordable, yet when presented with tangible opportunities to lift up Vermonters he has stood squarely in the way. At Scott’s first real chance to make Vermont a more affordable and attractive place for young people to live, he vetoed legislation that would give folks a raise and guarantee workers a fair paid leave program.

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