Howard Dean interview: Moderates, Progressives must unify - VPR

Donald Trump gets the credit for the big, unexpected pickup in GOP House seats, Howard Dean says.

"Henry Epp: So I want to talk first about these losses that the Democrats suffered in the House races. Of course, they held onto their majority, but Democrats were expected to gain seats, not lose them. What, in your view, went wrong?

Howard Dean: Actually, I'm not sure anything went wrong. I think this was attributed to, most smartly, to [President] Trump. Trump was really good at getting his base out. The problem with Trump's message is that he only talked to his base, but he really riled up his base and he got them out. I think there was a big Trump surge at the end that wasn't detected in the polls. That's a whole other subject: What do you do about polling? Because it's obviously a disaster."


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