How Can Vermonters Drive Less? - Vermont Public Radio

For a state that calls itself green, Vermont sure has a lot of drivers. So what can be done?

"Brave Little State answers questions about Vermont that have been submitted and voted on by you, our audience. Because we think our journalism is better when you’re a part of it. In this episode, a question about public transportation forces us to confront an ugly truth. “We pride ourselves on our environmental ethic and our state land use laws and our building efficiency standards,” says Julie Campoli, who manages and edits Sustainable Transportation Vermont. “But when it comes to transportation, it’s a really big blind spot that Vermonters have.” How big of a blind spot? More than 43% of Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions comes from transportation, more than any other economic sector. It’s a number that’s rising, while Vermonters’ use of public transit is barely budging.

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  • Colin DuPee
    commented 2019-12-15 00:11:42 -0500
    I know; let’s all live like bees in one big hive. Or cease all economic activity, so there’s no reason to go anywhere.