House vote on Trump impeachment was anonymous - Seven Days

Our courageous Legislature approved a resolution against armed insurrection and its alleged instigator, President Donald Trump. However, political caucus leaders decided the vote would be anonymous. And the new electronic voting system and Zoom proceedings kept their identities hidden.

"Earlier that morning, the speaker had reached an understanding with Rep. Pattie McCoy (R-Poultney), the leader of the divided Republican caucus, and Rep. Selene Colburn (P-Burlington), the new head of a small band of Progressives, for the vote to go forward without a divisive debate and lengthy roll call vote. The goal, Krowinski and others said, was to send a swift message of unequivocal condemnation, unity and resolve.

The agreement, however, also obscured from the public how members — including the 16 opponents — had voted on an issue of intense interest. The vote was taken using the electronic platform Everbridge, which is being utilized for remote voting during the pandemic. Under current House rules, the process is anonymous."

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